Paths of the Tracker
Journeys to beginnings


"The scenes are taut with tension, and the writing is clear and poignant. There's a sense of resonation that reverberates throughout the book, and I was delighted. Take for instance, "He felt a new sense of nostalgia for dimensions of his life that had been there, at some point, but had become obscured by his lifestyle and the people he was surrounded with" (157). Powerful and delicious. There was a particular mode of intimacy that Mr.Hoffman offered through Craig, operating within a close psychic distance and allowing us to empathetically connect with him." - Judge, 27th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards 

When young Craig Steward got an unexpected invitation from his long-lost uncle to attend his book launch at a posh London club, he had no idea how much the carefully nuanced calibration of his trendy lifestyle in his native Johannesburg would be disrupted.

Henry le Roux had accepted his dying sister’s last request, to take young Craig in hand, with a mixture of self-doubt and resentment. How was he going to re-arrange his vagabond life so that he could have the effect on Craig that Catherine was asking? When he finally decided to ask Craig to accompany him on an expedition into those remote parts of Africa where he had spent several of his vagrant years, it was more out of witless desperation than any desire to have the young man with him.

Young Craig Steward quickly found out that the expedition with his bush-hardened uncle Henry le Roux was nothing like the safaris on which he and his jet-set friends would occasionally embark in their trendy four by fours. It turned downright extreme when they abandoned Henry’s ancient bush vehicle and struck out on foot into hinterlands untouched by civilisation. It became a desperate struggle for mere survival as Africa engulfed them in its ancient heaves and twists.

Each man, as he fought to survive the physical ordeal, was swept along on a life-changing spiritual journey.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (August 5, 2018), Paperback, 330 pages, 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches, ISBN-10: 1985080508, ISBN-13: 978-1985080508.