Latest Remarks on Paths of the Tracker:

– Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

“The scenes are taut with tension, and the writing is clear and poignant. There’s a sense of resonation that reverberates throughout the book, and I was delighted. Take for instance, “He felt a new sense of nostalgia for dimensions of his life that had been there, at some point, but had become obscured by his lifestyle and the people he was surrounded with” (157). Powerful and delicious. There was a particular mode of intimacy that Mr.Hoffman offered through Craig, operating within a close psychic distance and allowing us to empathetically connect with him.

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Latest Interviews:

– Tony Eames interviews Hoffman Theron van Zijl for NFReads. 10th October 2019.

If you wanted to classify my work, I guess you would call it action/adventure writing. It certainly is that. I like the protagonist(s) to be driven by some Herculean desire or necessity that could lead them into danger, and to have to cope with Nature in the process. However, it is my ambition to write really good action/adventure that also have literary merit…

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– The Wanderers interview


– The Author. Interview