Pleasure and sadness in the African Night

The African night is alive with sound and life. Living this frothing abundance holds wonder at both that which is revealed and that which is not. It is deeply rewarding to me. It arouses the senses to new levels of awareness, yet it is quieting to the mind; a time to disengage from the impressions of the day and to reflect and ponder. Reflection and pondering is fulfilling, even as it brings both pleasure and sadness.
You can listen to my impressions here:


  1. Hello Barbara, Thank you.
    I must say I have mixed feelings about being “the last.”
    Thank you for the recommendation. I will check it out!

  2. Unbelievably beautiful and heartfelt rawness of a man expressing his temporary oneness with nature.

  3. Thank you. I believe you are among the last to do this. Very sad, the fate of wild life. I appreciate your voice.

    The Great Animal Orchestra, by Bernie Krause, book and exhibit may be of interest to others. Link follows.

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