Thoughts at Midnight


  1. Hallo Anna Marie,
    Mens kan darem oor die warm deel van die dag ook bietjie dut. Dankie vir you opmerkings.

  2. Hello John,
    Sorry for missing your note. I tend to forget to check reactions in the web page. Thank you for your remarks. You have a receptive soul. Best luck!

  3. Hello Suzanna,
    Sorry for missing you note. Thank you for you generous remarks. It takes someone of special sensitivity and awareness to appreciate as you do, I think.

  4. Ohh my word, Hoffman,

    How special to have listened to your voice message!

    Thoughts at Midnight and your note on midnight hours belonging to the witches, drew me instantly!

    Well, I could hear every sound you mentioned and all the while crickets sounded their presence to the night.

    Wonderful and naturally you have the capability to create a sense of reality to your words, with your knowledge of the animals of the night and the bush.

    Your descriptive words, embracing the uniqueness and privilege, being there within those moments…

    I closed my eyes from your first word, and you took me with you, as if transcended and was so close to you.
    Your deep, rich voice and catching your breath for a second or more, hearing more far off familiar sounds, was kind of magical…

    This was sò unusual and a very first for me I must say.
    I’m not all that familiar with the Bush or nights out in the Bush, hence why you drew me in totally, I guess.

    We have never met.

    Be safe.

  5. Captivating, “very scary ” and beautiful ..I can’t not listen. Love hearing the actual sounds of animals, birds etc. What a place! Beware of those witches…

  6. Hoffman, jy waag Baie, kry jy ooit genoeg slaap en rus in, jy vertel dit so lewendig dat n mens dit sien soos jy praat.

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