Secretary Bird

Of a Secretary Bird

After my late brunch I moved my chair to a solid patch of shade and browsed through the few snaps I had taken on the morning walk. One was of a calcareous flat, or pan, some five kilometres south of my camp. I had circled round to keep on the right side of the wind, and approached it from the West. The pan was ringed by higher ground – not hills, more like ancient dunes that rose lazily above the even sweep of the Kalahari. As I caught my first glimpses of the pan, I made out some springbuck,...

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Savannah Trees


On the African savannah trees are so abundant that it can easily blunt the senses and the spirit of even the most ardent arborist. Yet, they are truly magnificent beings that can be admired for much more than just their possible utility. You can listen to my reflections on them here: Enjoy!...

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