Ninell Robinson

What resonates deeply with me when delving into Hoffman’s reflections on his forays into the remote African bush is the profound love and respect he holds for this landscape and its inhabitants. Unlike many others, he refrains from sharing sensational, in-your-face close-up photographs of any animal, regardless of its size. Instead, he frequently voices his dismay at the lack of respect humans often exhibit for the sake of their own entertainment. His writings consistently express his desire to move through these environments with minimal disturbance, leaving behind no trace of his presence. He seeks to observe the bushveld in its rawest form, acknowledging its beauty and brutality in equal measure.

Through his vivid accounts, one can almost tangibly experience the sights, sounds, and scents of the African wilderness, becoming immersed in a world that still eludes the banality of consumerist tourism. Hoffman’s commitment to authenticity and reverence for nature is evident in every word he writes. He transports readers to the heart of the wilderness, allowing them to feel as though they are right there beside him, witnessing the wonders of the bush firsthand.

In a world increasingly dominated by sensationalism and superficiality, Hoffman van Zyl emerges as a rare beacon of honesty and integrity. He embodies a vanishing breed of adventurers who prioritize genuine connection with the natural world over fleeting moments of excitement. As I read his accounts, I am reminded that he may indeed be among the last of his kind. I can only hope that he continues to evade the clutches of sensationalism and continues to offer us his unfiltered, honest perspectives on a world that so few of us will ever have the privilege to experience firsthand.”

Ninell Robinson

Project, programme and portfolio management professional

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